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IIS and using the Rewrite URL problem...

I am new to URL rewite module in IIS and can not seem to get my pattern correct;
Below is the URL that needs to be rewritten:


OR it can be


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I need to redirect it to


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I am stuck:

This is as far as I got with the pattern matching:

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And my rewrite URL is


Could someone help me please ??
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Pattern matches the path part of an URL without the leading slash, so remove the domain name part from it.
Also, AFAIK, in the regular expressions, the ^ prefix could be only inside a [] enumeration group (or marks the beginning of the line)

If you described your goal fully, the pattern could just be:

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To keep the "id" parameter, just enable the "Append query string" option


Thank you. It was confusing. But I learned a lot.  So basically, I just was to zero in on what would be the key element, in this case - JAC - for the pattern and if it has a querystring, check mark append query - kinda hard for me to explain my thoughts but I think I understand better.