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Headset problem (Plantronics)


Working online. One of my client has a plantronics voyager focus uc bt headset b825 ww (It is a wireless headset).
He is also using a Microsoft Team to communicate.

He wants to receive any call from outside or call somebody using the headset.
The things that i do:
- Go to Setting >Bluetooth > Add Bluetooth > then i can see the Focus Plt > i selected, but it still did not work

Any idea?

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I used to have a Plantronics headset and for PC use it needed a separate USB dongle which came with the headset and was already paired.

I was able to pair the headset with my phone without the dongle to use as a handsfree device so don't know if the dongle on the PC was actually required, I didn't have bluetooth on the laptop so didn't try.
Do I understand this correctly?:
The user has a Bluetooth headset.
The Bluetooth headset is working with his/her Windows PC now (?).
It's working with Microsoft Teams on the PC (?)

And now:
The user wants to ALSO use the headset with a mobile phone Bluetooth.  Is that right?

It seems to me that there are TWO Bluetooth transmitters:
- one on the PC
- one on the phone
I don't know of any way to switch pairing other than to do it manually brute force.  Perhaps someone else would know.
At least we can confirm all of the above?
I'd probably use two headsets (actually that *is* what I do).  It's a little clumsy but does the job. One is wired to the POTS telephone and one is for the PC via USB.
I also use a USB switch to switch PCs for the USB headset - which is a similar objective.
Or you might consider things like:
(but be cautious what you select in this range as some things are only good for audio (one-way) and not phones (two-way).
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Normally BT equipment can only connect to one system.
(mostly you can register multiple, but only one can be active AFAICT).

I did read it as trying to connect to multiple systems though.
noci:  Conceptually one could have a device with 3 BT "channels" - A, B and C.  
C would be always connected / paired (e.g. to a headset).
A and B could be always connected / paired to individual "sources" (e.g. PC and cell  phone)
Then, the device would allow switching between A and B while keeping all the BT pairs working.
But, I don't know if such a thing exists.
I have a plantronix headset  (voyager legend, earpiece) it can be paired with two devices, but only actively use one "phone"...
One can switch between them (which disconnects one phone and then connects the other phone).

On my motorcylcle helmet, i have a device that can either connect to passenger, other driver or phone but only one at a time.