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Is Javascript Phaser (for games) better than the regular JavaScript graphical capabilities?

I've been doing work in Javascript this week, and I don't want to end up using inferior packages.

I'm using CSS and HTML to put up a chess board now. Are the javascript primitives for drawing not quite as solid as Phaser?
I've also been watching the Udemy javascript lectures. I'd like to use its apparent effectiveness (made by gamers for gamers?)

I like the preload, create, update .. interface for the various components of the project.
It does sound, in addition.

Any insights or experience concerning this assessment? Do all devices support Phaser?

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Phaser is an mobile & desktop HTML5 framework for Canvas and WebGL.
Games can be compiled to iOS and Android.

I would use Phaser if you know JS to start,
if you know C# you can use Unity to make 2D game too that's depend of your knowledge.
Phaser and Unity cannot be compared they are different tools but both are very popular.
So as long as you use a popular tool/framework this is good as you will find a lot of help and material.

To my opinion  just start doing a first basic game then you can upgrade later.

I recommend you to follow some indie game dev, group
this way you will see what other dev use
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