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How to deal with "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" in ISAPI extension?

I have an ISAPI extension web application implemented in C++
A client does a POST with the "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" header.
I cannot find an example or a documentation how to manage such type of request in ISAPI extension.
I put a debugger breakpoint in my ISAPI callback function and it hits only once with the first chunk in the available buffer.
Could somebody point me to a working example or/and documentation?
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Chunked encoding is HTTP/1.1    if you can transfer for HTTP/1.0  then chunked encoding is not possible.

If you need a library that can handle that mode. Check the sources of
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Yes, I use CURL to simulate the request when I debug the ISAPI extension code. The protocol is obviously HTTP/1.1
libcurl has the sources for handling chunked transfers. So you can compare to that code if you need chunked encoding.
I have no windows systems, so i cannot help with IIS testing.
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thank you, but libcurl is a client library, right? And it is probably completely different from the API we have in Windows IIS server. I need not a theoretical concept (I know how the chunked HTTP works), however I need to know how to get all the chunks handling the ISAPI callback.
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