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Data Driven Subscription for multiple file shares

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Last Modified: 2020-03-25
I have an ssrs report (sql server 2014) that takes county in as a parameter (10 possible counties)

I have a file share set up for each of the counties

Would like to write a single data driven subscription that will write the output for each county to the file share dedicated to the county

is this possible?

All the searching Ive done seem to be for emails
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Database Analyst
My answer to one of your previous questions https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/29174835/Single-ssrs-data-driven-subscription-to-write-multiple-excel-files.html shows you how to create different file's in that same share for a parameter based report and if you add now your own SQL table that will contain all your subscription paths then you can join that table/list with your existing report so instead of one record, you would get as many as PATHS are in there. Next step would be to use that PATH field for the PATH in the subscription.



Yes...makes sense

Thanks so much!