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coding in VB.net visual studio 2019 question

Hi Experts,
I'm having couple questions about the VB.Net in Visual Studio 2019. Currently I'm convert a database from Access to VB.net Visual Studio 2019, I have some problem that could figure it out (Im really new to the VB.Net visual studio 2019, never use this language before)
1).Having trouble to convert UpdateDate from Long Date to short date (in SQL Server is short date, but when I convert to VB.net, it shows Long date and I want to convert to short date)
      my code: UpdateDateDateTimePicker.Value = DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString
      this code shows today's date but still showing long date

2). I try to get the user name as first initial and last name, how do I do that?  (for example: from jane.doe to jdoe)
     my code: Me.UpdateByTextBox.Text = System.Windows.Forms.SystemInformation.UserName
     this code shows: jane.doe (our login as firstname.lastname)

3). I have couple check box, after get the data from SQL, those check box are show black, I have to check them to make them clear then I can check the check boxes.  

4). when I add a new record, the UpdateDate and UpdateBy are not saving in the table. where I can put the code for these two fields to?  currently I'm put the code for UpdateDate & UpdateBy inside the  "Add New" button.  

Any help will be great appreciated!
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