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Image size based on width/height

Hi Experts,

How can I resize an image dynamically based on their original width or height, without distorting them?

Let me elaborate...

The images are logos that are uploaded by users, so their dimensions are unknown. Some squares, some vertical rectangles, others horizontal. In other words there are 3 possible shapes.

I'm only in the planning phase for this, but i'll have a container (div) for these images, with a fixed size, let's say 190 x 60px.

So based on the 3 shapes and on the known 190 x 60 container, I'd want to end up with the following if the shape is

  • Square
  • , then the display size would be
  • 60 x 60

  • Horizontal
  • , then the display size would be
  • 190 x calc

  • Vertical
  • , then the display size would be
  • calc x 60

In each scenario, the img would remain its original size if it is less than 190x60 I think

Now, I know calc would be proportional. For example, for vertical, calc (or width) would be 60/[orig_height]x[orig_width]

So, my first question is how to obtain the original dimensions of a given image file?

Secondly, what is the easiest way to do this, considering that I'm using PHP/jQuery/SCSS? I'm leaning towards doing it all on the  PHP side.

Thank you.

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