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How do you bypass adding a Microsoft account to a new laptop?

I started setting up a new laptop that came with Win 10 and I have already connected it to Wifi.   I do not want to set up a Microsoft account.   I read an article that if you disconnect it from Wifi you can set up a local account.

However, I cannot see a way to disconnect it from wifi.   I turned it off and back on and it went back to the Add a Microsoft account.

How do I get past this?
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Hi JR,

> How do I get past this?

Do not disconnect from WiFi. I recently did what you want to do on several machines, but I didn't capture any screenshots, so I'm going from memory here. When you get to the screen where it wants you to sign in with a Microsoft account, look in the lower left corner and you'll see something that says, "Offline account". Click that, and my recollection is that it's straightforward after may ask you again about creating a Microsoft account, but don't ever do it. I did this the whole time with a wired (Ethernet) connection, but you should be fine doing it with a wireless (WiFi) connection. Btw, I did this with a flash drive containing V1909 created by the Media Creation Tool. Regards, Joe
Offline account is only visible on Pro version (when connected to network).  On home version you need to disconnect from any network to get that option.
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Joe the "Offline Account" is no longer an option.
> the "Offline Account" is no longer an option.

I did it last week with V1909 via a flash drive that was created with the MCT on 23-Dec-2019. It is for W10 Pro 64-bit. Jason may be right...that the "Offline account" choice is available only on Pro, not Home. Which one are you installing?
Home still works if you disconnect the network, go back on step and then forward again.  It will automatically create the offline (Local Account).  Did one this week.
Thanks for that info, Jason...good to know. All of my installs have been W10 Pro, so I keep the network connection the whole time and simply click on the "Offline account" a charm! Regards, Joe