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Windows 10 Pro - Missing account on Login Screen

I got a new MSI PC yesterday, setup Windows 10 Pro and got all the updates. During setup, Windows asked me to enter a Microsoft account email address. Instead I entered a business email address. The installation seemed to complain a little. Not sure what I did, but the installation proceeded to my surprise. The setup created the first Windows 10 account having admin privileges.

I created a second standard account. I went back and forth today between the two. When I went back to the logon screen, there were two options - the standard account, and "Other User". I had to enter the lengthy business email account and lengthy password instead of using my fingerprint.

I don't know why "Other user" appears, and why my first created account does not appear. I claim that I did nothing unusual except to install Chrome, CCleaner, and Treesize.

Can you help me get rid of "other user" and have my two accounts show up. Simple, yes?
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I have a feeling that you joined the PC in AzureAD. Have a look at this
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Great Intuition. I never typed in AzureAD, but I noticed it in one of the Settings screens. I'll look at the video.
This computer was just given to my company, so I'm not sure whether I can disassociate it from the company. I'll ask.
the "other user" is actually a security feature.  even if you did use a non azure account it will still display the same title of other user.  they do this so that not only does an unauthorized user have to figure out the password but they have to figure out the user name that is registered.  not a great feature and not what you want to hear but this is by design.

If you did this on your own you won't need to ask them. This happens to a lot of people and companies don't even have AzureAD. To be honest I'm not sure why Microsoft is even allowing that to happen.
The Windows 10 Home PCs don't have Other user. Is this just a Pro feature?  I did this on my own as I got this directly from MSI. I thought that since this is a loaner, I had to associate it with the company. Then again, they never gave me any instructions except to "Make it go, Jordy".

Now, the way I get to use my company email is via office 365, which I'm guessing is on Azure. And we use Outlook but without saying @outlook - just @company. Could that also be contributing to this issue.

At work, I am used to having to log into my WS when not logged in. But at home! So, the Other user is here to stay with Windows 10 Pro even if I disassociate it from the company? In that case, maybe I should make a simple account?

But, Microsoft made it pretty hard for me to even create the second account. I tried to just create a simple name and password, but failed. I had to create a fake outlook account and log in that way. Is there a simpler way to get rid of the first admin account, and make a non-outlook admin account?

Finally, the password I used for the admin account was long because I used the same one as required for the email account. I was concerned that if I shortened the password at home, that would ripple through my other office 365 Outlook account. Need I be concerned about that?

Thanks for your help. Up many hours since yesterday.

And with Other user, I couldn't see how to use my fingerprint after entering a very long username email address.
you have stumbled across one of the many "features" of win10 pro.  pro is meant to be joined to a domain at which point you would stop having to use the portion of the address.
assuming you did join an azure domain then you are picking up the azure policies which would dictate being able to use finger prints etc.  you would actually need to turn on hello for business which is painful to do for a single user as it requires GPO's and azure policies.  your best bet is to disjoin it from the company and go back to using the admin user. (with finger print)

Just disassociate it from Azure. The Other Account only appears when Windows joins a company AD like AzureAD.
When creating an account there is an option to skip the Microsoft Account and create a local account and yes they don't make it obvious. There should be a light text somewhere on the screen to Skip or something of that sort when creating a new user. But remove it from AzureAD first. Then login with the fake outlook account and create a local account.
First step did not match my system. Any idea where else I should look for disconnecting from AzureAD. I have seen AzureAD as the domain in Settings --> Other Users. Here is the About page:
User generated image
Note that at no time during the Windows setup did I enter Azure or AzureAD.
Oh, one nice thing about Windows 10 Pro. I can change the color and size of the mouse which is nice when you have a laptop and a 4K monitor.
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