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Remote application as local

Is there any way to run an application on a remote desktop that looks like it's being run on the local computer? It seems like I ran across this years ago but haven't been able to find any information about it. I'm looking to make the process as simple as possible for an older person who needs to be able to run quickbooks in a safe environment without the complexity of having to work in a remote desktop.
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Ryan Chong
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Have you heard and use TeamViewer before?
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Paul Cahoon


Yes, but I don't see how that helps me accomplish what I'm looking for? Isn't there a way to run an application from a remote desktop directly from a shortcut on the local workstation without the process of having to log into the remote desktop and then run it?
so doesn't that your user (older person) need to see "how the remote user doing on his/her laptop"? Not in Remote Desktop, but once a person connected to a remote machine via TeamViewer, he/she can actually see the actions from remote user.
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publish the application as a remote app

There's no server involved, David.
McKnife, that worked exactly as I expected for IE. After making a few adjustments for my intended application, it seems to work great! Thanks.