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send bulk mails from drafts folder

Send bulk mails from drafts;

I am using the below code  to send mails from drafts folder. however, they are getting deleted,


Sub SendAllDraftEmails()
Dim xAccount As Account
Dim xDraftFld As Folder
Dim xItemCount As Integer
Dim xDraftsItems As Outlook.Items
Dim xPromptStr As String
Dim xYesOrNo As Integer
Dim i, k As Long
Dim xNewMail As MailItem
Dim xTmpPath, xFilePath As String
On Error Resume Next
xItemCount = 0
For Each xAccount In Outlook.Application.Session.Accounts
    Set xDraftFld = xAccount.DeliveryStore.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderDrafts)
    xItemCount = xItemCount + xDraftFld.Items.Count
Next xAccount
Set xDraftFld = Nothing
If xItemCount > 0 Then
    xPromptStr = "Are you sure to send out all the drafts?"
    xYesOrNo = MsgBox(xPromptStr, vbQuestion + vbYesNo, "Kutools for Outlook")
    If xYesOrNo = vbYes Then
        For Each xAccount In Outlook.Application.Session.Accounts
            Set xDraftFld = xAccount.DeliveryStore.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderDrafts)
            Set xDraftsItems = xDraftFld.Items
            For i = xDraftsItems.Count To 1 Step -1
                If i = 1 Then
                    Set xNewMail = Outlook.Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
                    With xNewMail
                        .SendUsingAccount = xDraftsItems.Item(i).SendUsingAccount
                        .To = xDraftsItems.Item(i).To
                        .CC = xDraftsItems.Item(i).CC
                        .BCC = xDraftsItems.Item(i).BCC
                        .Subject = xDraftsItems.Item(i).Subject
                        If xDraftsItems.Item(i).Attachments.Count > 0 Then
                            xTmpPath = "C:\MyTempAttachments"
                            If Dir(xTmpPath, vbDirectory) = "" Then
                                MkDir xTmpPath
                            End If
                            For k = xDraftsItems.Item(i).Attachments.Count To 1 Step -1
                                xFilePath = xTmpPath & "\" & xDraftsItems.Item(i).Attachments.Item(k).FileName
                                xDraftsItems.Item(i).Attachments.Item(k).SaveAsFile xFilePath
                                xNewMail.Attachments.Add (xFilePath)
                                Kill xFilePath
                            Next k
                            RmDir xTmpPath
                        End If
                        .HTMLBody = xDraftsItems.Item(i).HTMLBody
                    End With
                End If
        Next xAccount
        MsgBox "Successfully sent " 
    End If
    MsgBox "No Drafts!", vbInformation + vbOKOnly
End If
End Sub

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Bill Prew

8/22/2022 - Mon

remove this line if you want to keep it in the Drafts folder:

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Thank you, but everything is going to deleted folder. is there any other solution?

No, if you REMOVE that line, it should STAY in the Drafs folder.
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William Peck
Bill Prew

Just passing by, but normally when you compose an email it resides in the Drafts folder, and then when you send it it gets moved fist to the Outgoing folder, and then when transmission is complete to the Sent Items folder.  Have you checked there for it?


Hi Bill,

As soon I run the macro, it says "Successfully sent" but directly goes and sits in deleted folder. these email messages are copied to "drafts folder" from local drive. not composed and which got saved to Drafts

Stay safe. Be healthy!!
Bill Prew

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