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Driver for old Philips Camers

I have a new in the box Philips SIC4750/27 Webcam.  I want to install it on a Windows 10 laptop.  The CD it came with does not have a Win 10 driver.  The Philips website does not have one.  I found a few places online that said they do, but did a search and was told they were malware sites.  Is there a safe place to get a new driver for an old Webcam, or just go buy a new one?
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While i dont have that exact model, i used the following to get an old MS lifecam going in windows 10.... which, much liek your, due to the age of the device, you wont see Win 10 drivers released for it.

1) Open device manager, go to the phillips webcam device (which will probably show up as "unknown device"
2) right click - update driver | browse my computer | let me pick | have disk
3) Navigate to the CD and select the correct .inf file which will be somewhere in the file structure
4) next next finish.... ignoring any warning about compatibility you might get.

i have no idea if this will work for your device... but will only take a minute and is worth a try.

The reason this can sometimes works is that your specifying that a specific driver should be used, rather than windows 10 searching for drivers that are only win 10 compatible.
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Does the CD have a Windows 8.1, 8 or Windows 7 driver - in some cases those will work with Windows 10.
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Rob Knight said:

Does the CD have a Windows 8.1, 8 or Windows 7 driver - in some cases those will work with Windows 10.

The last official driver released for the device was for Windows XP.  It was originally supplied with Windows 98, Windows 2000 and XP drivers, which makes the device around 15 years old.
You would expect almost any camera to work.

Plug it in, let windows search for a driver. It does so automatically and uses a driver it retrieves via windows update, so make sure that you are online while doing so.
After a while (1 or 2 minutes) windows will indicate that the driver is installed.
i had to install the driver Always for my old logitech quickcam Pro 5000
it also gave me the software to make pics or video's