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Any ideas?

I have an issue with Windows 10 Home and Office 365 software. It randomly uninstalled or removes itself from windows 10.
This happened about 3 times in a row and i decided to do fresh Win 10 install with only Office365 as the other software installed.
It worked fine for 3 weeks and it literally has removed itself again.
There is no entry in program and features no files in program files folder. The only other weird thing that happen at the same time is that Chrome reset itself.
Removed all bookmarks.
There was no Internet Security program or any other software installed.
i'm running out of ideas.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Windows Logs don't suggest anything?
Sean Bravener

Is there a single doc that you work on that you can look to see if there are hidden macros in it?  Are you sure office uninstalled or did the icons just disappear?  Can you check the file location to see if it is still there?

"It randomly uninstalled": what exactly did you see?  Icons missing from the desktop or?
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do you still see it in installed programs and software?
Dr. Klahn

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run also mbam : https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/

you can use it free during trial period

What is your current Windows 10 version, is build? Open cmd.ee and post the 10..... Version reflected in te view if Windows key +I update, OS build is unavailable, this would suggest your current version is 18xx or older. The issue might be that the system tried to upgrade Windows 10 and failed, rolling back.
How is your o365 installed, in eval/limited use? Available through office.com?
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Lisa Hendrickson "CallThatGirl"

Try downloading Office 365 32 bit, sounds like the 64 bit is having conflicts.

The desktop was a fresh install and updated 3 weeks ago. Currently running version 1909 OS Build 18363.720
I have scanned for viruses with Malwarebytes and Trend Micro no malware found.
I had no internet security installed because needed to confirm this is not the cause

There are no event log entries referencing anything to office365
The program was fully removed, No entries in Program and features and no folder in program files.
There is no other software installed at all

It is a 64 bit version will try the 32bit and see how that goes.
This is a active Office365 subscription.

this is business desktop and the owner really only does the banking and emails and is not used for anything else.

I ave seen issues that a system, workstation in the morning reported loss of trust.

The issue you report is possible especially with a new install if the system at boot ran into an issue (reboot loop) after three failed attempts, the Windows repair kicked in and rolled it back.

Try this, install office365 and create a restore checkpoint after the install this way should an deployed is tall, update runs Into an issue, the repair does not roll it back to a point before office was installed

It might be  an office update that causes the issue.
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James Murphy

i would restart with a fresh install, AFTER updating the BIOS
did you also install the latest drivers?

as it turns out the customer has several Microsoft accounts and got it wrong which account had the subscription. Usually i see an activation error but upon checking the office activation status it just showed blank (but still a white background so it looked activated).
I just never heard of office being self removed after activation expiry. only time will tell to see if it sticks