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An external LCD does not show a picture when connected to the HMDI to VGA adapter.

Dell Latitude 7490
OS: Windows 10 version 1909

Issue: An external LCD does not show a picture when connected to the HMDI to VGA adapter.

In Intel display properties the second monitor appears.

In Device Manager, Monitor, the second LCD appears

I installed updated video drivers and will see what will happen, soon.

My next step is to just  remove the Intel drivers and see if the Microsoft drives allow me to see a picture on the external LCD.

I confirmed that the second LCD or monitor is appearing in Windows 10 display properties: I see two squares, one for each LCD.
Since the laptop is remote, I did not bother to make the external LCD the default monitor
I did not close the lid to see if the picture show on the external LCD

The 19 inch LCD is working correctly.

Changing the resolution of the external LCD did not help: I tried Windows 10 recommendation resolution
Note: Windows 10 scaling and layout is set to 100% ( I suspect this could be the root cause of the problem)

Other things I can try is to update Windows 10, may it is a bug in Windows 10 version 1903.

Research: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/external-display-and-audio-problem-windows-10-home/f7171a5c-13a9-48fe-96d5-fe6835184848

I will have to update the BIOS and run a hardware diagnostic test, before contacting Dell to replace the system board.
Moreover, I should update the chipset drivers, since I have seen a similar problem when a laptop with the same model was connected to a docking station.
Maybe the problem was caused by a recent Windows 10 update and I should roll back the drivers.

Question: Can someone please explain to me what happens when an external LCD is connected to a laptop, for instance, what services are in use.
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