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VMware host isolated in vMotion VLAN

Hi, I noticed a couple of errors about vMotion events on my VMware ESXi Cluster (mostly 6.7, two hosts have 6.0).
Apparently, two VMs weren't able to migrate due to "the vMotion failed because the destination hsot did not receive any data from the source host on the vMotion network".
I checked all ports of my host in the vMotion VLAN, and they are up&running on Cisco switches.
It seems that just ONE host isn't able to vmkping other hosts on vMotion VLAN.
I confirm that affected host HAS his IP address, and it is able to vmkping itself.
From other hosts, I have no arp for this host (checked with esxcli network ip  neighbor list | grep IP_OF_ISOLATED_HOST).

How can I troubleshoot this?
Thank you!

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