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Listening and Tracking Mobile Phones

How to prevent your cell phone from sending signals sharing your location (GPS) and listening in on you?  The battery cannot be removed.
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Turn off the phone's GPS (except for E911 location, which cannot be disabled.)  Turn off the phone.  Put it into an RF shielding bag.

Note that when this is done the phone will not be able to receive signals, either.  So an easy way to test the shielding bag is to leave the phone on, put it into the bag, and then call the phone.  If it rings, the shielding bag is not doing the job acceptably.

But the easiest way of all would be to get a different phone, one where the battery can be removed.

Note that any car with OnStar or equivalent has the same issue; you can be tracked anywhere and listened to (even if you're not a paying OnStar subscriber) and GM does sell that information.
put it into airplane mode.
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Suppose someone has put a payload spyware on your phone and it listens in on your conversation.  How to remove it or prevent it from doing this?
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