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Summing in a report - Dsum not working like I expect

Experts, I have a report and I need to sum in the footer and I have the following formula:
=Format(DSum("Amount","qryPaymentsSumCo","BankID=" & [tblBanks.COID] & ""),"Currency")

But what the field on the report returns is something totally different than what the query returns.  I think it has something to do with how Dsum works.  I don’t think a simple Sum will work though.  How can I simply sum?  Please see the attached pared down db and open the only report.  The field is shaded red (pic below) and it is suppose to sum the records above but I cant get it to sum those records so I developed another query qryPaymentsSumCo as a work around and using the above Dsum but its not summing.  I think it much easier to view the attached db.  

Thank you very much
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Microsoft Access

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