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DC PDC and W32tm

Hi Experts,

I have just some questions regarding the correct setup for the PDC , its DNS settings and time settings.

Lets say I have a domain with 20 DCs.
DC1 is the PDC.

What is the best setup for the IP DNS settings on this DC1 ? Should I also enter the external DNS servers of my provider ?
What about the time configuration ? The PDC has to be configured to an external clock right ?
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DC1, the same as all other DC's, should point to other DC's for its DNS.... this prevents what is called "DC island"

NTP - you are correct.... you dont have toi - but it is good practice to use an external time source on your PDC emulator holder - as that is the server used as a time source by default in the domain. See -

I also have a blog article on this -
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I have a new PDC since 2 days.
The FSMO roles moved to DC201 , so this is the new PDC.

But when I check the whole domain with
w32tm /monitor

I can see each DC in the domain has the old DC as time source listed.

any ideas ?
you can force the machine(s) to be used if you wish - see the blog article down the bottom.
as far as why the machines havent automatically swapped over to the new PDCe - has the time service on the machines in question been restarted since the PDCe has been changed ? 2 days isnt very long.

this command will not update the source

w32tm /config /syncfromflags:domhier /update

How to force it for the whole domain ?
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I tried to restart w32time but its still connected to the old one.