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Unable to add AD-Integrated DNS Zone

Afternoon Experts,

When trying to add an AD-Integrated DNS Zone to a domain controller we are receiving an error about the required application directory partition not existing. We are also unable to create this partition manually.

running dcdiag showed that both the forest and domain DNS Zones were boiled down to SID's, and an ADSI Edit showed the name was a server that no longer exists in Active Directory.

We have 3 domain controllers currently, the oldest being Server 2012 R2 that is about to be decommissioned. We are currently running DHCP and DNS via a non domain joined server, which is also something we may want to resolve.

My question is, can I just delete these 2 old SID entries in ADSI Edit and have them auto recreate? I attempted to manually change the current ones to the recommended ForestDnsZones.domain.com and DomainDnsZones.domain.com but it pitched a fit.

If I'm missing a step I'm happy to be wrong. Thanks so much guys.
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