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Remote Desktop Stuck On "Configuring Remote Session"

Working from home I have been connecting to my work computer via remote desktop for the past few weeks.  I was using it yesterday for most of the day, but later that night I couldn't connect.  It was stuck on "Configuring Remote Session".  I have a backup method in place so I can still work but prefer RDP.  After some research, it seems I can connect if I reduce my resolution to 1366 x 768.  As soon as I go above that, it gets stuck and will not connect.

Can anyone shed some light on this and how to fix it.  I need to be able to connect at a higher resolution.

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Did you already reboot the Host?
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Hi Strivoli.  Have rebooted host, client, work firewall and home router.  It is strange I connect when I drop my resolution.  Other colleagues seem to be connecting to their computers ok, but I don't know what resolution they are using.  From the research I have done this morning, it seems to be something to do with security between the host and client, possibly the certificate.  Although these were only generated 5 weeks ago and have not expired.
I would have a look at Windows Logs (Application, perhaps even System) on both PCs.
I briefly had a look at the logs on the client machine which I need to look at later in greater detail.  

There are a couple of warnings but I need to compare these with the logs of when I can connect at the lower resolution.
Was going to start looking in to this today, but now strangely enough, it has started working at full resolution again.  Very bizarre.
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