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Excel VBA find the 4th instance of a word


What Excel VBA code would use to find the 4th instance of the word "CLOSING" using the FIND function and return the row address?
The instance changes so I need to sometimes find the 5th or 6th instance.

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do you have the sample words?
Also providing the excel will be helpful
And maybe you want to find the last instance ?
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Here is the Excel version:

Find nth occurrence (position) of a character in a Cell with Find formula
In a blank cell, enter the formula =FIND("c",A1,FIND("c",A1)+2).
And then press the Enter key. ...
Note: You can change the 2 in the formula based on your needs.
This is the code in one line

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You can make it more readable like this 

Cells.Find("computer", _
    Cells.Find("computer", _
        Cells.Find("computer", _
            Cells.Find("computer", , , xlPart) _
        , , xlPart) _
    , , xlPart) _
, , xlPart).Row

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Thanks very much