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SSIS is exporting a table to a text file (fields are separated by a pipe delimiter) and a field with LF is creating an extra row in the output text file.

paultran00 asked
Last Modified: 2020-04-03
In SSIS 2017, I am exporting a table to a text file (fields are separated by a pipe delimiter).

Problem is some fields have a LF (line feed) which causes the output text file to contain more rows than the query.

The rows that has a field with a LF gets cut in half and the export file shows 2 rows (1 row has the 1st half of fields, the 2nd row has the remainder fields).

How do I solve this?

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if you can export the csv with delimiters (quotes) then you could just use the file based on the quotes,, and ignore the LF
or you could use a more suitable format as XML, in which you could have all of your text with formating insde their proper cdata elements


you could replace all your LF's before opening elsewhere with some pattern that does not include LF and replace them once you have to import or use your CSV

what kind of data is the one you are having problems with? HTML? IMAGES?


It's just text, not HTML or images.
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