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Dinesh Bali

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Array Length


In C# code I wanted to understand why output of below code is 18

int[,,] x = new int[3,2,3];

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Please advise
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David Johnson, CD
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x.length will return the full size that is 18. In order to get the correct length for each dimension,  you need to use GetLength  method:
int[,,] x = new int[3,2,3];
Console.WriteLine(x.GetLength(0)); // Writes 3
Console.WriteLine(x.GetLength(1)); // Writes 2
Console.WriteLine(x.GetLength(2)); // Writes 3

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Dinesh Bali


Hi David,
Many thanks for your reply.
Why it is multiplying the numbers?

Please explain the reason.
Any link to understand this.

Hi Miguel,

I am preparing for some test.
This is from practice test. I need to choose correct answer.

Since, I don't understand the logic, so I asked here.

Hence I  cannot manipulate the method.

Please help understanding the logic.
Thanks understood that this is multi dimension array.
I guess you've never run into arrays before or are used to only single dimension arrays
int[] x = new int[];

you are getting the total number of elements in the array and not the size of the array in memory.
if you change int to double or float you get the same number