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Vsphere Distributed Switches

Help me understand...

I have two hosts.  I's small, but I'm learning, so I created a DS.  My two hosts each have one 1gig NIC and one 10gig NIC.  My hosts are identical.  Same server, same 1gig/10gig NIC.  All four of those NICs are in my uplinks.  I've created my VM Traffic Port Group and I've created my Management Port Group.  

In my mind, I want the Management Post Group linked to the 1gig NICs and I want my VM Traffic Port Group linked to my 10gig NICs.  That's so the comms between the hosts and VMs is on the 10gig backbone.

Look at my DS pic I've attached and let me know what I'm doing wrong, or tell me I'm thinking wrong, OR, if it's true, tell me I got it right.  :)

I appreciate the input.  

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I think number 4 here is my answer.  The DS is expecting to be bound to same speed NICs so it seems my VM Traffic DS should be bound to the fast NICs and my Mgt DS should be bound to my slower NICs.

BTW - I added a pic to my question.  The pic I referenced and didn't attach.

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Thank you Paul.  I appreciate the clarity.  :)  Now, go wash your hands!
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