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Sound Card vs USB Headset


This is related to the Laptop (Lenovo with Windows 10 version 1909). The sound card is BAD.

 The client has a USB headset which is GOOD (micro phone and speaker are good).

Per consultant, the client should not be any problem to hear the voice; she can join the online meeting or webinar where she can hear the explanation and talk through the headset, etc.

Question: Do you agree or do not agree with the consultant and please explain why?

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You could check whether the sound card is a daughter card that can be easily replaced if that is what your question is.
i think it would be best to replace the mobo, depending on the actual fault, it can even be the usb card does not work also
is there no warranty left?
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With the app they want to be using open go to Sound Settings and check both output and input devices are listed and volume sliders are at max & unmuted.

See if the microphone produces any blue line response in the "test your microphone section"
If there's no output plug the USB in, give Windows time to add the drivers, and do the same.

As video conferencing is becoming the main communication method I'm seeing a lot of badly configured systems or where the mics in webcams are rubbish and have already failed but not been noticed.

Also users plugging 3.5mm jacks for their headphones/headsets/microphones (these are not the same!) and not realising the difference between combined mic/headphone jacks and simple stereo jacks

On the whole though plugging a USB sound card (or PnP chipset with headphones/mic attached) is the simplest workaround.  

Yes, we all like to troubleshoot and find what's behind the apparent failure but the user wants a quick fix to get them back online talking and hearing!  The diagnostics can wait for another day!