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export exchange 2016 user archive mailbox stuck ?

i have exchange 2016 i use the eac to start an export of a single mailbox archive using the eac.
i successfully did other mailboxes prior to this one with no issue. currently this one seems to be going to a like 30 some percent and seems to restart as i look a little while later and i see 10 percent. the output file seems to be growing but it has been running now for 3 days. i have tried using commands in the exchange management shell but every command i try either shows nothing or error in command syntax.
anyone help with opinion do i leave it continue to run ? in the exchange admin center it says the inplace archive is 14.97gb but the output file is currently at 64 gb.
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i found at this point it gets to 30 percent then starts over percentage wise. currently the pst file is 75gb will it just stop at some size or do i need to stop a service to kill this export job ?

any help ?
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You can remove the export from Exchange shell.
i have been running different commands but it returns nothing. i have tried to see the status but it just returns to prompt like nothing is going on.
this was don for the persons inplace archive can you give more clear idea of what i should be seeing ? maybe proper example of commands to even see it in progress ?
What do you see when you run this command?
as example since i used the eac to start this export i see in the event viewer
Cmdlet suceeded. Cmdlet New-MailboxExportRequest, parameters -Mailbox "9795afce-76af-4405-9060-620467313604" -FilePath "\\FILESRV02\exchpst\finalcomplidofarchive.pst" -IsArchive "True".

i got the email next
Your Export PST request has been received. You will receive additional updates during its progress.
Mailbox:Frances Complido
Started by:Administrator
Start time:4/2/2020 4:28:17 PM
Run time:00:00:00

so what would be correct syntax to cancel this export ?
is there a log somewhere to tell me why this is failing ?

thanks for any help.
when i run the above command it just returns to a prompt does not show anything
User generated image
in the eac i see below it will go up to 30 percent then seems to restart over. the file is still getting bigger than it should be.
User generated image
Ok, the file got too big for my comfort so i stopped the replication service renamed the shared folder restarted the service and got confirmation it failed. now the million dollar question is why it failed.
in the meantime i will go back to using outlook to do the export so i can fully control the export.
if anyone has input on how to figure out why this may have failed to work what should i look for ?
Apologize for the delayed response.\
Did you sort out the issue?
never figured out why it got  stuck other than maybe the size but i got past it like i said above and i have just been using the outlook method to export a mailbox to a pst and it works as well just a little bit of a extra work.
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