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GPO deployed but startup script from GPO not running? Need to debug.

I started this here:
I have a GPO that uses a Startup script.
The Startup script runs a .bat file.
The .bat file creates a folder in C:\Users\Public\ called Scripts if it doesn't exist.
The .bat file writes a .bat file into Scripts: "reset.bat" which is simply:
shutdown -r

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The .bat file runs schtask:
schtasks /create /TN "reset" /RU "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" /IT /RL HIGHEST /SC DAILY /st 16:00 /TR C:\Users\Public\Scripts\reset.bat

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On the initial tests that I ran, it appeared that this was working fine - both on a small group and then on  couple of larger groups of computers.
However, in fully deploying the GPO, I now see that a fair number of the added computers have the GPO applied but the .bat file and the scheduled task don't exist.

I'm trying to figure out how to best debug this situation.  Adding some kind of logging to the startup script running seems likely.  But how?  I've not found it.
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I had tried to use that latter interface but it seems that the runas section is all grayed out when setting up the GPO.
I understand this is due to a recent Windows security update.  Thus the startup script.  It should be pretty simple really.
And, it *does* work on many of the computers.  So I need to debug the ones that don't work somehow.
It seems that those computers that hadn't worked yet just needed a reboot.  Odd that some did and some didn't.....

Thanks for the help!
Thanks again.  I'll keep the server script idea in mind!
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Hello There

You are welcome!