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Should I now do my dev on the cloud?

I have an iDrive cloud for my MacBook.

Since my Javascript project in Brackets is simply the contents of a folder, should I just do my entire dev on the cloud. Is that standard now?
It means I don't have to think which of my comps I am using..
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Chinmay Patel
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Hi James,

I would suggest using a cloud based source/version control system.
For example,

These two offer free tiers which will give you decent storage for a single person use (works well for small teams as well).

The practice is to do your dev locally and deploy on the cloud for testing.

I would not host it for now especially if you are using Node because it is expensive.

I dev and test locally first, then when this is ready I test it online because every server have their own settings and this always need some adjustment and tests.

I zip my working directory every day (my apps, my docs), encrypt the zip with Axcrypt, then I make sure I have copies on the cloud (dropbox,Idrive) and other copies on other media, external drives.
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I don't believe adding node costs anything more.

Many providers charge by CPU, so yes, adding nodes does cost more.
node.js, not "a node" if that is what you meant. Your backend can be node,. net, Java, php etc the cost is going to be the same or similar. Yes windows hosting to use . net is generally costing more because of Microsoft licensing. Generally speaking using node.js as your backend is not going to cost more than other options. Also using node is not really what is being asked here.
You said

I don't believe adding node costs anything more.

and I say that it does cost more if you add Node.js to an existing infrastructure.

if you only have a Wildfly back end server, then you pay x. If you decide to add Node.js to this confuiguration, to serve your React pages, then the cost goes up, so now you pay x +y.
I see what you are saying and in my case it did not cost anything more. Adding to existing vs instead of is going to be dependent on your set up. This is all making assumptions though and this minutiae is not really part of the question. In general, using one form of a back end instead of another is not going to cost more.
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Thanks all!