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Best Approach to test WINS removal on Servers?

As always many thanks in advance for all insights.
We are running AD with two 2016 DC with the usual GC/DNS, etc. on a 2012R2 FFl/DFL, but still have WINS installed on both (replication). Not my choice and I want to get rid of it as I have assurances that none of the current applications or servers running them still need WINS. I note we also have a SharePoint 2013 and Exchange 2013 (cluster). What would be the best approach for this? I could remove WINS entries from the static IPv4 entries on each server and then see over a 24 hour window if anything breaks which sees the safer option or just turn off WINS on the two DC, see what happens over 1 week and if nothing then remove the roles altogether? Thoughts? Cheers!
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