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Specifying boundary of an array with a variable

i am trying to create a temp array with the first dimension being set to the ubound of another array, as my temp array will need to have the same number of rows. so here is a sample of my code

Dim AbsenceArray As Variant     'declare my asbence array, this populated by absences for all staff
AbsenceArray = Range("a1").CurrentRegion  'populate my array
ReDim Preserve AbsenceArray(1 To UBound(AbsenceArray, 1), 1 To UBound(AbsenceArray, 2)) 'resize my array and drop header

GetUbound = UBound(AbsenceArray, 1) 'using this to get ubound of absence array and will later use to set unbound of temp array

Dim TempArray(1 To GetUbound, 1 To 2) As Integer    'create my temp array

My code errors on the GetUbound variable, if I put in a static number of course it works with no error. Can someone please advise correct syntax. Thanks
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