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Excel - Problem incrementing cell references by group of rows

In the following example, which is manually referenced and returns the correct data, Column E contains these formulas:
  • Rows 2 - 7: =SourceData!$A1.
  • Rows 8 - 13: =SourceData!$A2.
  • Rows 14 - 19: =SourceData!$A3
and so on...

The Column E data is used to drive VLookup formulas in Column G.
User generated image
When I try to use the auto-fill dot in the lower right of a group of selected cells to fill down, I get the following incorrect references:
  • Rows 2 - 7: =SourceData!$A1.
  • Rows 8 - 13: =SourceData!$A7.
  • Rows 14 - 19: =SourceData!$A13

In this particular case, I need to fill-down over 2000 of these groups (12,000+ total rows), so manually adjusting the Column E references is not a good option.
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Thank you so much!  That worked great!  I'll be reading up on "Index" to understand the solution.