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cannot convert 1 particular email account from normal mailbox to shared mailbox in office365


trying to convert normal mail box to shared mailbox in office 365 admin portal. getting an error for 1 particular email account.
same time , tried 5 different account and i was successfully able to convert to shared mailbox, but not this 1 particular email account.
note: there is no sync between AD and office365

have attached a pic of the error.
User generated image
below is the error
Confirm:$False -Force:$True' to server SYBP282MB0185.AUSP282.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM: Server version 15.20.2878.0000, Proxy method PSWS: Request return error with following error message: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.. [Server=SYYP282MB0783,RequestId=e21b4ee1-52a8-4e6d-a37b-4270a8d212e6,TimeStamp=4/8/2020 7:13:15 AM] .
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Vasil Michev (MVP)
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Try doing it with PowerShell. If it fails with a similar error, open a support case.
Hi Mr.X,
Did you try from Powershell?

I suggest you to try from Powershell.
Connect to Exchange Online Powershell and run the below command
Set-Mailbox <emailaddress> -Type Shared

Open in new window

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hi, tried with power shell as well, same error code
Please open a support case as commented by Vasil.
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