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Dynamics/GP Installation and Support Best Practices WRT Event Logging

Need a Best Practices question answered by experts familiar with installation and support of Microsoft Dynamics / GP.

I have a customer whose infrastructure I support as an MSP, who has Dynamics/GP installed and supported by another vendor.  There is an add-on for Dynamics GP called PostMaster, that auto-posts accounting entries.

I was looking for the PostMaster event log to see if I can determine a way to detect when it gets stuck, so the customer doesn't need console access to manually stop and start the PostMaster service, and there is nothing there even though the log is turned on.

Checking further, none of the Dynamics/GP event logs have anything in them.

Is it normal practice for a company who installs and supports Dynamics to turn off all event logging from within Dynamics?  
If it is not unusual, is it considered a best practice action?
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