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Setting up OneDrive with massive amounts of data on multiple computers

Setup Microsoft OneDrive on multiple computers.  I have a small office with 5 systems.  They currently have a NAS server with just over 250GB of data.  We are in the process of moving that data to Microsoft OneDrive.  They have purchased Office 365 and plan to use the same Office 365 login on each of their 5 systems that way OneDrive will be logged in using the same Microsoft user account.

I plan to copy the data from the NAS to the OneDrive folder location on computer #1. It will then upload to Microsoft OneDrive.  My question is instead of waiting for all 250GB to upload to OneDrive from computer #1 and then having to wait until all the data is downloaded to the OneDrive folders on the remaining #2-#5 computers, can I copy the files over the LAN to each computer (#2-#5) from the OneDrive folder located on computer #1.

I don't know if OneDrive on the supplement computers (#2-#5) will see those files as different and try to upload them giving them an appended file name like "version 1" "version 2" etc...

Or, do I just have to wait until all computers (#2-#5) download from the cloud,

Thanks for any insight.
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You might be violating the service terms by doing that, to be honest. Particularly if you don't have a license for each one of the users on these systems.

That said, OneDrive isn't meant to replace traditional file sharing/NAS data storage. It's meant to act as a repository for personal work documents and data. Each user can share specific files or folders with other users, but the limited control over those shares make it difficult to work with.

SharePoint and/or Teams is the proper replacement for traditional file sharing. With Windows 10, you can map SharePoint libraries as network drives so users can access files in the file system and sync/update files like they normally do. Teams allows a central store for data as well that can be mapped in the same way. So you'd be better off having a license for each user (which is what the licensing terms requires) and storing the data in a SharePoint library, then mapping that library to each computer (This is done by clicking the Sync button on the sharepoint site after opening it in a Web browser).
You will end up having a mess.

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The files saved in each computer locally for OneDrive are just the cached versions of the files on the cloud of OneDrive.

On setup of OneDrive client, you will be asked to select which folders to be synced for your OneDrive and the OneDrive client will start to do the sync to the local cache immediately after the setup.

I have not done such an interesting setup like yours but my concept tells me you will end up having endless sync errors.
They have purchased Office 365 and plan to use the same Office 365 login on each of their 5 systems that way OneDrive will be logged in using the same Microsoft user account.  NO you need a separate office 365 license for each user Each user will have a personal onedrive document library and the company will have a SHARED document library

have 5 users each with 20% of the files or 1 user with 100% of the files will not make the uploads faster the limiting factor is your networks internet upload speed.
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