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Exchange SSL Certificate where CSR was completed on a separate server

Last Modified: 2020-04-13
I am updating the SSL certificate for a couple of servers.  The CSR was created on our netscaler box and then submitted to Godaddy.  GoDaddy provided us with a certificate with several SAN.
 I have it loaded on the netscaler and a Ubuntu Apache server.  Now I need to figure out how to install this on my exchange server.  I have searched around a lot, but all of the solutions seem to involve a solution when the CSR was created on the MS exchange server.  Then you complete the process.  I can't find a solution where the CSR was completed on another server  

How do I load the crt from godaddy on my exchange 2013 box?  Do I need to also add the private key that was created during the CSR process on the netscaler?  This is simple on the Ubuntu apache server, but seems more complicated on the exchange box.
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You have to install the certificate on the server that made the certificate request. you can then export the certificate with private key to a .pfx file then import the certificate on the exchange box, get the thumbprint of the certificate and use that in exchange.
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Thanks guys.  I ended up starting over and creating the CSR and certificate on the exchange server.  Then exported the certificate and key and imported into the netscaler.  I then applied the certificate to the services and the virtual servers on the netscaler.
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Glad to know your sorted out  :))
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