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How to say goodbye

OK, this "question" is probably abusing the purpose of this site, but I plan to do this only once, and I can delete this in a few days.

After being active on this site for over 20 years, I don't plan to continue being active here from now on.  I retired from my DBA job last week and no longer have access to an Oracle database.  I also don't plan to spend much time on technical topics or sites like this in the future.  I've enjoyed the interaction here over the years, both in helping some people and in learning from many of you.  Now I plan to spend time in my garden, and hope to spend time with grandchildren, some volunteer work and some travel (after the corona virus restrictions are lifted).

My decision to retire now was made long ago, long before the corona virus pandemic caused many people to switch to working from home (or not be able to work at all!) lately.
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