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Best practices when dealing with archived (not yet deleted) records


Using continuous form --- Microsoft Access database.

My database has thousands of product records.  Some of these products are archived from time to time.  
For those records [Archived] = True,   [Archive Date]  will be updated.

My question is about best practices.

1)  Should I move the records to another table?   If yes, then my question ends here.

If no,  then  what is "best practice" in dealing with the visibility of those archived records?
When the user is doing searches on the records,  I prefer that the results would never show those records where [Archived]  = True.  (unless  checkbox_IncludeArchives = true)

Currently, the record source for the form is a table.   So, should my

1) application automatically ensure  Me.FilterOn = True (at all times)  and modify Me.Filter (when user does a search)  to reject the archived data   (when checkbox_IncludeArchives = false)

2) application change record source to a query when checkbox_IncludeArchives = true

3) a better way?
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