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IP addresses of VMKernels in ESX hosts.

IP addresses of VMKernels in ESX hosts.

I have 2 ESX hosts :
I configured on ESX1  VM Network Port Group and Vmkenels (Vmotion,Management,ISCSI-A,ISCSI-B)
On ESX2 I configured only the Vmkernel Management.

Now I created Host Profile for ESX1 and replicated it to ESX2. What I noticed that the IP addresses stayed the same for
Vmkenels (Vmotion,ISCSI-A,ISCSI-B)

Except for Management vmkernel which was already different before replicating Host Profile.

Well, my question is can we have 2 ESX hosts with  VMkernels (Vmkenels (Vmotion,ISCSI-A,ISCSI-B) have the same IP addresses ?

both ESX hosts are in the same Cluster
Thank you
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Dr. Klahn

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You will get IP Address conflicts

Try it!
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Dr. Klahn

ESX Hosts will NOThave the same IP address (Management Network).
So Management ports on ESX1 and ESX2 will have 2 Different IP addresses (though on the same subnet).

What I am not sure if Vmkernel Ports( Vmotion,ISCSI-A,ISCSI-B) can be the same in ESX1 and ESX2,  Same names ,same IP addresses.
When you apply the host profile it gives you the option to change the IPs to different IPs.  Use this option to change the IPs
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Yes Paul...but if  vmkernels (Vmotion,ISCSI-A,ISCSI-B) IP addresses are the same on both ESX hosts, I do not think it create a Problem, since the traffic will go out of those Vmkernels and does not come in..

I left that in purpose for now...I have not gotten a warning about duplicate IP addresses from Vsphere.
You cannot have the same IPs on both hosts, especially on iSCSI as it may cause corruption of the data.
Like with ANY TCP/IP device, you cannot have two IP Addresses the same on any network (the same network!).

and expect it to work!

does not make any difference if it's ESXi, Windows, Linux, Unix etc

What I was not sure if Vmkernel Ports( Vmotion,ISCSI-A,ISCSI-B) can be the same in ESX1 and ESX2, Same names ,same IP addresses.

To work properly all Esx(i) in the same cluster should communicate together on the different channels ( Vmotion,ISCSI-A,ISCSI-B), so it is obvious that they should have different IP(s)
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I made each IP different.
Thank you Guys!