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Office 365, Domain Password & MFA

The company has a domain called “boba.local”.

It uses Office 365, and the MFA (Multi Function Authentication) is enabled.

The password to login to Office 365 (either Outlook client or Web based Outlook) using the same password as the user to login to boba.local.

Company Policy: Every domain user has to change his/her windows password every 90 days.

      +) User A install office 365 at her cell phone (Samsung Notes 8)(Note: This cell phone is used to approve or disapprove the MFA).She could open the Microsoft Outlook, the Microsoft Team with this cell phone.
      +) User A has to change her Windows password NOW

      +) What should User A do NOW: Changing her windows password firstly, then Uninstall the Office 365 at her cell phone? ( I heard that there would be a problem with MFA things when changing Windows Password), or Remove the MFA firstly before changing her windows password?  EXPLAIN WHY things to your approaches if you may please.

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@David: Yes, you are right; but does she have to sign in 2 times at her cell phone?
I don't think so but I don't have an iphone to test.