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Could you check the viability of running Laravel at this host ?

Hi Experts

Could you check the viability of running Laravel at this host ?

I'm planning to convert my actual PHP site to start using Laravel.

When I started to use Laravel professionally I had to improve my laptop memory and change my HD to a SSD - just to develop the features locally.

It certainly uses to much more resources than "pure PHP" and Codeigniter (f.e.) uses.

My ownsite host is a very economical choice with limited resources (since it's a non profit one) - as shown bellow:

User generated image

I'm afraid that if I convert it to Laravel it probably wouldn't run.

Thanks in advance!
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David Favor
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Easy to run Laravel in a low RAM environment.

Near impossible to run MariaDB/MySQL without much more RAM.

So memory question will almost always revolve around an SQL database, if you have one.

Use mysqltuner to determine what memory is required, if you're using an SQL database.
Hey Eduardo,

Your app will run, but how effectively will depend on a lot of factors. I would uggest the 512mb is too low to get decent performance, so you'll want to up that.

The amount of traffic you're expecting will have a huge impact on the server you run it it, so consider that.

Features that your host offers will also play a part - many shared hosts won't allow you to SSH to the server, so that's a big problem for Laravel.

You might want to consider going with a host that allows easy scaling. This way you can start off small and cheap and seamlessly scale up if needed, Something along the lines of Amazon's AWS services is an ideal choice - you basically get to choose your own server spec, operating system and available services - you have FULL control over everything. It easily scales too, and you only pay for what you use.
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Thank you for the replies.

As I said:
When I tried to use l Laravel locally with a 4MB memory at my laptop  it simply didn't run!
It really demands too much memory.
With 12MB memory and a SSD HD it runs Ok.

My site actually runs MySQL with this 512MB without issues...

I agree with you, it must to be improved otherwise no chances.
AWS could be a good option to start.
A better starting point here will likely be to consider your entire Site/App/API over time.

Me personally, machines I setup run between 64G-128G+, as memory is cheap + messing with low memory performance problems can drain away massive time + money.

If this is a hobby site, experiment away with optimizing memory.

If this is a money site (putting groceries on your table), start with 32G for single site or 64G+ for many sites.

This will save you a massive amount of time + headaches.
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My site is mainly focused on downloading for windows apps.

Gradually I'm introducing features to run web.

I'm going to develop another app that sincronyze the data from the Windows server to Web MySQL. This program will run at Windows Server, scheduled.

And then the users could consult the data at web. I've already initialized some tests and it's running Ok.

By now due its modest purposes I'm planning to utilize a light framework (maybe Codeigniter) or pure PHP with libraries.

So I don't need to change its cheapest hosting plans, by now.

Depending on how things go I'm going to consider your suggestions.

Thank you for the help!