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Profile issues after deleting server 2012r2

Running 2012 r2 server it is a citrix app server. Another person with us was trouble shooting a citrix roaming profile issue and deleted the local profile on the server c:\users and the corresponding reg key under profile list for all users. He also dump the profiles of a couple of domain admin accounts that were not citrix profile related they were created when the admin users logged directly onto the server for maintenance/troubleshooting. Since that happened the admins that logon directly to the server get the error that's attached.  

I've done a few things, searched the registry and C drive for the user names to see if anything looked wrong and nothing stood out and I found very little.

Any ideas would be appreciated.. thanks
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James Rankin
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I used to get that quite often. Stupid question but, have you rebooted it?
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I have
I agree with James, have you rebooted the server.

The next question is why would anyone make a change like that to a production server without knowing the impact? I always use delprof2 from Helge Klein to cleanup profiles. It has a lot of safety built into the app.
Since you have rebooted the server, I wonder if delprof2 would clean up any leftover stragglers???
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Hello There

Check if c:\users\<profilename>\ or ntuser.dat exists.
Usually rebooting clears that issue. Have you made sure all profiles are removed from the HKLM\ProfileList key for the users concerned? Especially any ending in .bak or anything like that?
Another suggestion: Open C:\Users\Default -> copy the Desktop folder -> paste the folder to C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile
Carl I agree with your statement, luckily the citrix profiles are working fine even with the users in question but when logon locally to the server that's where the issue lies

Hello, There users in question do not have a profile folder in c:\users, when I logon with them it just gives them a default profile,

James, Yes I have triple verified the profile list and the users in question are not in there.

hello I tried that and I got the same results
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James Rankin
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Thanks everyone for your input copying a default user folder over from another server solved the issue, when I logged in after copying it over it created my new profile..