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How do you reload this page / popup in Node?

Here's where my user starts:

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They click on the pencil and they get this pop up:

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After they finish updating their record, they get a popup that says, "Good job!" I'm working on that now.

But how do I refresh the screen they're looking at?

I can't reload the page because that eliminates the window they're looking at.

How do you do it?

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Chris Stanyon
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Chris Stanyon
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Bruce Gust
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Chris, this is awesome!


I'm getting an undefined" for my "resp.data.activity.notes" etc.

When I do a console.log(resp), I get Object Object.

Here's my code:

router.post('/companies/update-activity', async (req, res) => {

    try {
        let _data = {
            notes : req.body.notes,
            date : req.body.date,
            company : req.body.company,
            type : req.body.activityType

        Activity.model.updateOne({ _id: req.body.activityId }, {
         $set: {
         // set up the data you want to persist to the DB
         meta : {
            notes: _data.notes,
            date: _data.date,
         type: _data.type,
      { runValidators: true }, (err) => {
            if (err) {
                return res.send(Activity.error('Sorry! Something went wrong! Try again!'))
            res.send(Activity.success({notes: "hello"} ))

    } catch (err) {

This: res.send(Activity.success({notes: "hello"} )) was just me fooling around with some different ideas.

What am I missing?
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Chris Stanyon
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If you just send this back:

res.send(Activity.success({notes: "hello"} ))

Then you'll only have access to that as resp.data.notes

If you want to send a full Activity back, then you need to do this:

let activity = ... // make sure this is a fully populated activity (built or queried)
res.send(Activity.success({activity: activity} ))

Where the second acticity in the coed above is a variable holding a fully populated activity. The you resp will have an activity property and that property will have the relevant proeprties from the activity (phew - so many activities, I need a lie down!)

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Chris Stanyon
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On the Delete question, have you tried the code already posted - Leakim looks like he's got a handle on that one but I'll keep an eye on it.

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