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PHP Cross Domain Includes

Hi Experts,

Is it possible to have includes from different domains, assuming proper permissions are set? Sort of what Classic ASP had using VIRTUAL keywords, which I have not done in ages.

Here is my situation...

www.domain.com is a WordPress site on a Linux server.
sub.domain.com is a custom PHP App on a IIS Server with plesk.

I need sub.domain/module to have same look and feel as www.domain.com, in particular header and footer and any dynamic changes, like new WP Pages added to the menu, which is part of the WP Header.

I'd like to avoid iFrames from www.domain.com as sub.domain.com/module will have pages in different heights, so this is a last resort.

I was thinking, either doing a WP Page template file, or my preferred way would be if from sub.domain.com I can someway call, or include the WP Header and WP Footer?

Perhaps, I can use cURL, JS/jQuery?

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