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How to set up a remote printer

I have a situation where several employees are working from home.  They connect to the network via FortiClient Console, then use remote desktop to log into their workstation.  Remote desktop brings the printer with it, and the workstation can see the printer.
When a print job is sent to the printer at the persons home from the workstation, it appears to print.  When you look at the printer from the home laptop, the printer shows as off line,
When the home computer is restarted, the printer will print the job that had originated from the workstation at work.
The home computer is running Windows 10 PRO, the workstation is running Windows 10 Pro, and the server is Server 2012 R2 standard.
I have set up a folder on the home computer that the document to be printed can be stored.  If the remote desktop connection on the home computer is closed [logged off the work computer], and then the saved job is loaded on the home computer it will print.  If the file stored in the folder on the home computer is loaded while the the remote desktop connection is open, the printer goes off line, and the home computer must be restarted to print the file.
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