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save dataframe to a csv file in python

Hi, I have a question for python.  I had use cursor.fetchmany() to fetch the data. It will fetch multiple times depends on the data number. I want to generate one csv file after all the fetching. How can I do it? Code is below. Thanks

 datafile = pd.DataFrame([])
            while True:

                results = cursor.fetchmany(7000)

                if not results:

                col_Names = ['market', 'site_id', 'latitude', 'longitude', 'state', 'zip', 'structure_type']
                data = pd.DataFrame(results)
                data.to_csv(filename, index=False, header=col_Names) //This is the first time fetching
          //how can I append the next fetching data to the csv file?


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Ryan Chong

8/22/2022 - Mon
Ryan Chong

have you heard about the to_csv method?


some examples:

Saving a Pandas Dataframe as a CSV

How to Export Pandas DataFrame to a CSV File
David Favor

Just open the .csv file outside your loop. Write to the .csv file as desired. Close the .csv file when your SQL looping is complete.
ocean O

I can't put all the data in one dataframe. Since the data is too big, like 7241764, if everytime I fetch 5000, it will take over 1400 times to fetch. so I am thinking everytime when fetching 5000, then I will write it to a csv file , then append the second csv file from second time fetching to the previous csv file. But I am not sure how to append the csv file in python.

 if execution_type == _READ:
            while True:

                results = cursor.fetchmany(5000)

                if not results:

                if i == 0:
                   data = pd.DataFrame(results)
                   data.to_csv(filename, index=False, header=col_Names)

                if i >= 1:
                    data.to_csv(filename1, index=False)
                    append = filename.join(filename1) //How to append csv file filename1 to csv file filename???
                i += 1

This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.
Ryan Chong

Since the data is too big, like 7241764, if everytime I fetch 5000, it will take over 1400 times to fetch.

what's the database you are using? if we are saying to export 7.2 mil of records, we probably need to have a better approach on this.

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ocean O

we are using postgresql
Ryan Chong

@ocean O

sorry as I didn't use much on postgresql, so can't really provide advice on that

perhaps with such volume of data, some off-the-shelf software + RPA would be a more reliable solution for you?

dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL
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