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RDP Disconnects over SonicWall Global VPN

I have several locations with sonicwall firewalls.  Each location has several people working remotely, using remote desktop while connected via global vpn client.  All of the locations are complaining of frequent disconnections from RDP.  The VPN itself is not losing connection.  

Some of the time it's due to internet speed/latency issues, but most of the time these disconnects don't make any sense to me.  

One user has a sonicwall firewall at her home office with a site-to-site VPN and never had this issue.  But now that her location has a dozen people connecting on remote access VPN's she is suffering the same problem with RDP.

I set up a couple of users with RDP direct through the sonicwall without the VPN, and they rarely get disconnected.  When I switch them back to the VPN, they get disconnected frequently again.

I set up a few people with SSL VPN and they have the same issue.

This issue is spread out among multiple towns and different internet providers.  Again, I know internet usage is a bit overutilized right now, but that doesn't seem to be the cause of this problem.

What they all have in common is that they are all connecting to SonicWall firewalls (TZ 300, TZ500, etc).  I did make sure each one has enough licenses to cover the VPN's.  This happens even when only a few people are connected.

Does anyone know what will fix this issue?
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