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Delete attachments from Outlook Web App


When using Outlook Web App can you delete attachments from an emails?? I am only able to save the attachment and then I would have to delete the email to save on inbox space.


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Hello There

8/22/2022 - Mon

Off the top of my head I don't believe this is an option. I've never seen Outlook whether OWA or in Outlook allow to strip an attachment out of an email.
Gary Benjamin

I researched your question and users have been complaining for over five years that they can't remove attachments from emails in the Outlook.com web app. I searched the Outlook.com web app help for how to remove an attachment, and the the provided answer was to delete the entire email. Then I opened my Outlook.com mailbox using the Outlook desktop app to see if that would offer more options to delete attachments. I found my test email with an attachment and used desktop Outlook to remove it. (Click the downward pointing chevron to the right of the attachment and select Remove Attachment.) The attachment was removed in desktop Outlook. The paperclip was gone and when I opened the email there was no attachment. Then I looked at the same email in the Outlook.com web portal and the paperclip was gone there, too. However, when I opened the email using the web portal the attachment was still there! I double checked in the Outlook desktop app and the attachment was still removed.

I have written to MS Support, but I expect they will reply that to delete an attachment you need to delete the entire email. If I get any better information I will update this question.

garlin007 thanks for the info, very useful. I've been asked this question over the years and haven't been given a good explanation from MS. I also know if I said do it this way and it didn't work accros all email platforms, phone, tablet, Outlook, OWA then it just made things messy and it didn't look good on my behalf. I always just said open, manage the attachment, then delete the email. Thanks again and let us know what MS says.
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.

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Hello There

For Outlook, the official MS statement says:
You can remove attachments from messages you're composing as well as from messages you've received. You can only remove attachments from a single message at a time.

For OWA, this is not possible. However, people are already voting on UserVoice. Maybe MS will do something about it one day.

Yup, I guess not  possible to delete attachments from emails in OWA. Only possible when using Outlook client.
Gary Benjamin

I believe that when WORKS2011 said "I've never seen Outlook whether OWA or in Outlook allow to strip an attachment out of an email" that "Outlook" is referring to the app on a phone or tablet, since Outlook in a Windows environment does allow you to strip an attachment. Therefore I find the solution that the moderator is proposing to accept is misleading. WORKS2011 clarifies in a later response, so of his/her responses I think that #a43068685 should be his/her accepted solution.

I also think that either WORKS2011 or the moderator should mark my own response #a43068682 as helpful. I know that my response is the same, more or less, as #a43068654, but if #a43068654 were the only response that someone found while researching this question in the future, because it starts with "Off the top of my head" I think that said person would not find closure and continue their research. I think my and WORKS2011's comments later on do provide more confidence in the answer.
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Hello There

The author's conclusion is that this is not possible. Since he hasn't marked the best answer, all answers providing the correct answer should be marked, not just one answer.