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OfficeJet can no longer print on glossy paper

Using an HP OfficeJet L7680.  It has stopped being able to print on HP bright glossy paper.  Either the page is blank, or only half the page prints.  This happens whether I use the printer to print a document on my computer, or simply copy something directly from the flatbed.  It prints colors fine on plain white paper.  I suspect something has gone wrong with the mechanics of the printer, and it doesn't have proper traction on glossy paper, but I'd appreciate any advice.
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Are you still using original hp inks or 3rd party ones?
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3rd party ink.  And it prints perfectly on plain white paper, just not on glossy.
try Original HP inks then...without that, hp does not offer any warranty; and 3rd party does not either...
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When you switch the paper type to Glossy the printer is sent an entirely different set of commands based on using card stock.
This is unlikely to be down to the inks you are using and more to do with paper transport through the printer
As you're using HP original stock I'm wondering if either your paper has become damp which means the pick up process struggles to separate the sheets and delays the printer feed or you are pushing the limits of the print area (which is different on card stock - see the link above) try a color image which just occupies the centre of the paper with a wide margin from the edges.  If that prints OK then you need to adjust the margins on your image if you want to get the full benefit of your more expensive paper.  Otherwise tell the printer it is ordinary paper and you may be able to get some improvement in print quality over actually printing with normal paper (but the dry time is longer with glossy so leave it in the tray to dry properly).

If a centrally placed color image still only prints half then you need to either dry out your paper or look at the print rollers on the printer itself.

My money is on the image you are trying to print being just outside what the glossy print algorithm allows and the printer is trying to split it into two pages.
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Thank you both.  I dried the glossy paper, and it didn't change the behavior of the printer.  Watching the paper during the print process, it initially feeds, then stops.  While the paper is not feeding, the printer is making sounds like it is printing.  After half a minute, the paper moves again, and is delivered either blank or half printed.  Reducing the image, so it occupies 25% of the page, centered, the page is still half printed.
Then it's likely to be the pick up or separation rollers not grabbing the glossy paper
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I can't find a replacement roller kit for this model
This or something similar might be a useful alternative:
The rollers are fairly accessible once you've got the paper tray and duplexer out of the way.  If you're using cleaning fluid like this try to use gloves or some other means of turning the roller without touching it as skin oils can be just as much of an issue as kaolin from coated papers.

This is what you're looking for if you're intending to replace the rollers rather than recondition them
Beware of "refurbished" kits which may simply have been removed from a broken printer that could have had a similar problem.  Also be careful you don't by the rollers for the ADF as this is an All-in-One model - they are not interchangeable!
Aha!  - our posts crossed!
Good workaround :)

Again the issue with the margins is that the Glossy Paper setting needs wider margins to normal paper.