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Plot Locations on Google Map

Hello Experts,

I have MySQL table with Canadian addresses and Postal Codes, and based on the user search, I would like to list these locations on the page (I know how), but also plot them on Google Maps and somehow associate each with those listed. Maybe somehow number each marker, and I am wondering if someone can help me get started.

I already got my Billing account setup and my API key. Under My Project I added Google Maps JS library and removed everything else, such as Google cloud.

I read that I need to plot using longitude and latitude, but I only have Postal Codes and addresses, so I am assuming that I need to use the API somehow to get long/lat and save them in the DB, so I don't overuse my API.

As well, for security reasons how do I store my API key in php and not in js, although I did setup IP restrictions. If this good enough?

Finally, would I be able to use the API in php and not in js as this is more convenient to save the results back to the DB?

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