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Lenovo AC adapter - is this an unusual adapter ? Will any other Lenovo Laptop AC work with it ?

Is this AC adapter very unusual (fussy), is there any other Lenovo Laptop AC adapter that will work on this Laptop as I have a few different types.

is it a USB-C ?

213Mate has this Laptop and needs a new AC ...


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8/22/2022 - Mon

That's a Lenovo-specific AC Adapter.  You can find them on Amazon for about $30 US.

If any of your other Lenovo adapters have the same connector, the same voltage outputs, and at least the same current capabilities, then it should work.

Is it a USB-C? If Lenovo Specific its not ... 


I can't really say.  Looking at the voltage specs implies to me that it is not USB-C.
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William Peck

That is NOT a USB-c.  It's the Lenovo rectangular power adapter.

You mainly need to get the same Voltage.  The current can be anything.  If it's lower, it will take longer to charge.  If it's higher, depending on the laptop specifics, it won't draw more than its regulator is designed to draw.

Do note that there are two different voltages mentioned.

That just means there's a circuit to detect whether you're charging a 3 cell battery pack or a 4 cell battery pack, depending on the laptop.  The had standardize on that rectangle plug and socket a few years ago, so that you couldn't use chargers from other companies any longer.

It should be able to work with either voltage level, because the regulator circuit can adjust..  However, it's likely not a good thing to use long term.  If you find a charger with a single level voltage output, you should pick the higher voltage if your computer battery contains 4 cells and choose the lower voltage level if your battery contains 3 cells.  It will stress the circuits less if you use the correct voltage.

I used to interchange the 14.5 Volt and 19 volt chargers on an old IBM thinkpad T40 & T20 and an old HP Omnibook when I just needed a quick top off.  Since the chargers used the same sized adapter, it worked ok.  It's not good for long term usage because you can eventually fry the charger or the power regulator circuit when it's overpowered for too long.  I did use them a day at a time, multiple times.  The 14.5V adapter got a bit warmer when charging a 19V circuit.  The 19V charger probably heated the board more.  It still worked.
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I misstated earlier.  There are three voltages listed, 20/12/5, with significantly different wattages: 45/36/10.

In any case, the OP had two questions: are there any other Lenovo chargers that will work and is this USB C.

I highly doubt it is USB-C.

As far as other Lenovo adapters go, if they have the same connector and the same voltages with at least the same current capability, I suspect they will work.  For a better answer, it would be useful to know what other Lenovo adapters are on hand and their specs.

Thanks for all the help so far....
The burning question ... Will this alt Act adapter I have just uploaded here now be compatible with the one first posted.

can anyone conf if the last ac is comparable ? I’ve often swapped ac adapter between lenovo laptops over the years. at worst I got an error saying power not enough to charge Battety. never a surge
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Walt Forbes

It should work.  As long as the voltage isn't over the amount the laptop is supposed to receive, you should never get a surge.

I may well have been incorrect about whether or not it is USB-C.  This listing (and other) listing on Amazon claims it is:

If it were my laptop (or a client's), I'd likely not try the supply you have.  I'm concerned about the different voltages listed between the two.  I'd order a supply that claims to work with the specific laptop.  On the other hand... it may well work.  If it really is USB-C and both devices "follow the rules", there should be no problem.

original is 45 watt my one is 65 watt

does Wattage make any odds ?
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Can you get a clearer picture of the Tip?  You put the focal point at your fingers instead of the tip, so at first glance it looks like the proprietary Rectangular plug that lenovo used for several years.  Refocus it at the tip so we can be sure whether it's a USB-C adapter.

If it's a USB-C adapter, then any USB-C charger will work, regardless of the wattage.  I've done this by using a phone charger to charge my laptop when I forget to pack my laptop charger.  Smaller wattage chargers will just charge it slower, or if it's too low, might still drain your battery while you use it, but at a slower rate than if you didn't have a charger.  If you want it to charge at full speed, you just need to get it with at least the same wattage as your original charger.

I'd get one with additional USB charging ports: